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NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW: Texas is teaching NYC about border laws the hard way



Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been transporting illegal immigrants who have freshly crossed the border into Texas to New York City and Washington, D.C. in order to educate liberal cities on the magnitude of the border crisis. It’s safe to say, the liberal city leaders aren’t too happy about it. 

In the wake of the FBI raid on President Trump’s home in Florida, the left is chirping a chorus that goes “no one is above the law.” The catch phrase is ironic for a myriad of reasons from Hillary Clinton’s illegal servers and Hunter Biden’s drug use and money laundering to Paul Pelosi’s repeated drunk driving and Black Lives Matter riots tearing apart cities across America demanding a defund of local police. 

But the rally cry is ironic for another reason and that is the left’s total and willful disregard for our nation’s border and immigration laws. As the left provides the FBI with carte-blanche benefit of the doubt that they’re simply holding President Trump accountable for a still (as of writing this article) undisclosed allegation of crime, they are also crying to Governor Abbott asking them to stop sending illegal persons to their city. 

New York City Mayor and liberal Eric Adams called the busing “unAmerican” and an “embarrassment.” It’s an odd reaction considering that Adams declared his city a “sanctuary city” meaning it does not recognize national immigration and border laws. Per Adams’ ironic belief that these immigrants are, in fact, above the law – you’d think he would want as many as possible in his city safe from legal persecution which his city does not recognize. 

Adams has only actually received about 4,000 immigrants. Customs and Border Patrol encountered over 200,000 people attempting to illegally cross. The vast majority of those individuals were single adults and of those less than half were returned to Mexico and now with the repeal of the “return to Mexico” policy, far less will be sent back. 

I wonder what Mayor Adams would say if Palm Beach declared itself a sanctuary city for violations of the presidential records act? 

If no one is above the law, perhaps these leftist Mayors like Adams will start pressuring President Biden to enforce the laws of the border

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