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Revenge of Holly Madison and the Playboy Bunnies: Where do you stand?



In recent months, former Playmates and residents of the Playboy Mansion have come forward alleging misconduct by Hugh Hefner and positioning themselves as victims of both Hefner and the Playboy organization. 

The two women, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt, were made famous by their reality television show Girls Next Door which documented their residency in the Playboy mansion when they were considered Hefner’s top “girlfriends” along with Kendra Wilkenson. 

The two women have spent the past few months detailing their experiences at the Playboy mansion and with Hefner. The experiences they describe are mostly related to intoxicated group sex parties and sexual exploitation. 

However, both women when asked why they went along with the sex parties and sexual experiences with Hefner if they were uncomfortable never allege they were threatened or harmed only that if they did not go along with the uncomfortable sexual situations they would not be allowed to stay and live at the Playboy mansion as a girlfriend of Hefner. 

While many believe that Madison and Marquadt’s story constitutes exploitation and abuse, others feel that no one forced them to go live at the Playboy mansion and losing the opportunity is not the same as losing employment, children, life, home or the threats many exploited women face when choosing to accept abuse. Many question the validity of victimhood of two women who actively sought out the status of being “girlfriend” to a millionaire who they knew was much older and knew was interested in sexual fantasy. 

Whether or not the girls’ allegations are validly represented as abuse, the two will be going into more depth on their new podcast called Girls Next Level. You can tune in there to see where you land in the controversy. 

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