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Trump Derangement Syndrome

Funniest Memes From Joe Biden’s Scary Speech



Last night Joe Biden gave one of the most troubling and bone chilling speeches in American History essentially criminalizing his biggest political opponent, Donald Trump and his supporters. 

We don’t take the situation lightly at FreePressFail and will continue to express ourselves for as long as the first amendment stands. 

But as they say, if you can’t cry – laugh. 

Here are the funniest memes from Biden’s ‘supreme leader’ moment last night. 

This comparison between Biden and another puppet leader from a Galaxy Far Far Away

This flashback to the film V for Vendetta 

This ironic reminder of who is calling who Hitler 

Another comparison to a leader so ridiculous he must only exist in fiction 

This cheerful hello of solidarity 

Remember this powerful speech? 

Hang in there Ultra MAGA Republican Dangers to Democracy!

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