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Did straight couples just get blamed for Bros tanking in the box office?



Billed as the first of its kind, the romantic comedy centered around two gay men, Bros, was released this weekend to overwhelmingly positive reviews from both critics and fans but lackluster box office results. 

But who’s to blame? 

Creator and star, Billy Eichner, decided it was straight people’s fault. ‘Twas prejudice that killed the movie. 

But was it straight people simply disliking gay movies? Or perhaps was the movie always destined to fail in the current cinematic climate? It’s easy to be disappointed and decide to play victim, but let’s look at some of the many factors working against Bros. 

Release Date

As the Conservative Critic I am an avid film buff who sees as many movies as I possibly can. But I had to take a full hiatus in September and am only now returning to sanity. I have not seen Bros, and I very much want to see it. The last week of the fiscal year is hellish for most desk jockey professionals like myself, not to mention the first month back to school for working parents and educators across the country. Additionally, September ushers in the full bodied swing of football season which fill family screens on a nightly basis. 

Furthermore, September is included in the four months of the year studios consider “dump months” when tentpole films are NEVER released. Bros may have crept into October, but it was still situated awkwardly in one of the worst possible months to succeed. 

Seasonal trends

If Bros had been able to overcome the September slump in favor of October festivity, it’s the wrong genre. October films are spooky films. With Halloween approaching, October is the month of thrillers, jump scares, and children’s festive stories. The box office leader right now is the very creepy looking horror movie, Smile

Overall theatrical trends

Romantic comedies have not been performing well in theaters since before covid. Post-covid, they’re nearly impossible to succeed financially. Looking at top performing films at the box office all year you see titles like, Spider Man: No Way Home, Death on the Nile, Uncharted, The Batman, Fantastic Beasts, Doctor Strange, Top Gun: Maverick, and Thor: Love and Thunder. The single romantic comedy, released in the very favorable movie month of March, to make it to number one starred the very queen of financially successful films herself, Sandra Bullock. 


Bros will slowly climb the box office dollar ladder and recoup its very modest costs. It will also probably enjoy a lucrative streaming deal and a wide loving audience. 

Romantic comedies are finding an extremely inviting and lucrative home on streaming services. The advent of the streaming service production studio has allowed for stories to continue to be told the way film lovers like me enjoy. A romantic comedy as genius as Sleepless in Seattle would never make it in theaters today. But it would probably do great on Apple TV+. 

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