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BREAKING: Hunter Biden partner blows whistle on FBI cover up for Joe 



Tony Bobulinski, the former business partner of Hunter Biden, told Tucker Carlson that he alerted and provided evidence to the FBI  regarding criminal activity being conducted by Hunter Biden and the FBI never even followed up with him or his lawyers. He also alleged that Joe Biden was a central figure in the business dealings of Hunter Biden including those he reported to the FBI. 

The FBI Bobulinski named for inaction is Timothy Thibault who retired “voluntarily” from the FBI after Senator Chuck Grassley informed FBI senior officials that he had multiple credible whistleblowers who indicated Thibault had intentionally buried the evidence against Hunter Biden and attempted to seal the laptop investigation from ever being reopened. 

The revelation from Bobulinski comes just weeks after Meta (Facebook) CEO, Mark Zuckerberg went on Joe Rogan’s podcast detailing how the FBI pressured his organization to bury stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop implying those stories were Russian propaganda and that allowing the stories would have consequences. 

Pairing the unfolding Hunter Biden story with the recent FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago, the cover up of the USA Gymnastics sexual assaults, the falsifying of evidence to obtain FISA warrants against President Trump and countless other well documented and provable incidences of FBI corruption further support the need to either entirely defund or totally restructure the broken and increasingly unconstitutional agency. 

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