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BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Calls Out Liberals And It Is BRUTAL



Tucker Carlson hit the nail on the head when he said that the Democratic Party is made up of “weak men and unhappy women.”

I mean, let’s look at the recent example of House Minority Whip Katharine Clark and her “non-binary” child, Riley Dowell, who allegedly assaulted a police officer and vandalized property at an Antifa protest.

Instead of taking responsibility for her child’s actions, Clark decides to play the victim card and refer to her biological son as her “daughter.”

Does it appear that it is much easier to play politics than it is to play the role of an actually good parent?

Can’t say it better than Tucker, who said on Monday that “If you knew the personal lives of the people who run the Democratic Party are actually like, you would understand their politics much better. So Katharine Clark issues a statement and refers to her son as her ‘daughter,’ of course, and wrote that ‘this is a very difficult time in the cycle of joy and pain in parenting.’ It’s just a part of the cycle when your adult son pretends to be a woman and attacks police officers. Totally normal, that’s just the cycle of parenting. Again, if you knew the details of their personal lives, you would understand their politics. This is the party of weak men and unhappy women.”


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