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BREAKING: This Criticism Of Kamala Harris Indicates A BIG PROBLEM For Democrats



I always love to see a Democrat speak out against their own party’s misguided policies! And that’s exactly what New York City Mayor Eric Adams did when he took a jab at Vice President Kamala Harris over the border crisis.

Adams, the mayor of New York City, didn’t hold back when he criticized Harris for her lackluster response to the surge of illegal immigration at the southern border. He absolutely CALLED HER OUT in a recent interview.


It’s about time someone in the Democratic Party spoke up about the border crisis. For two years, we’ve watched as the Biden-Harris administration has fumbled their way through this issue, pretending that everything is under control while the situation only gets worse. Meanwhile, Americans are suffering the consequences of their failed policies, with drugs, crime, and illegal immigrants flooding into our communities.

It’s particularly satisfying to see Adams take a jab at Harris, who has been the poster child for liberal virtue signaling. From her awkward cackle to her cringeworthy attempts to pander to every imaginable constituency, Harris has always struck me as someone who cares more about her image than actually getting things done.

Adams, on the other hand…

Is literally the same kind of politician, but in male form.

To see these two at odds brings me great pleasure.

Of course, the left will undoubtedly try to dismiss Adams’ comments as nothing more than political posturing.

But I think there’s more to it than that. I thinnk this criticism is a major crack in the facade of Democrat unity. And to happen over an issue like illegal immigration – one conservatives have been railing about for YEARS – is particurly funny. Maybe Adams realizes Americans have had enough! When will Kamala realize it?

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