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Happy Pi Day! Here’s how much of your pie Zelensky is eating and other charts



Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter of a circle and it is expressed numerically (simplified) as 3.14 making March 14 a widely celebrated math nerd holiday. 

In honor of Pi and circles and math – here are some really important and mathy pi charts for you life. 

Zelensky’s share of the American pie: U.S. has given Ukraine roughly $200 billion and has racked up a budget deficit of roughly $760 billion this year. Hope Zelensky likes a big piece!

Biden’s pie is a la mode

The pie Elizabeth Warren brought to the first Thanksgiving 

This breakdown of why these early DeSantis 2024 supporters are what they are

Silicon Valley Bank Portfolio

What’s wrong with me specifically

Corinne’s favorite foods

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