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BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene Leaves CBS Interviewer SPEECHLESS After This Truthbomb



It looks like CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl couldn’t handle the truth when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called out Democrats for what they really are – supporters of pedophilia.

In a controversial interview that aired on Sunday, Stahl was left speechless after Greene fearlessly compared President Joe Biden and his party with pedophiles. But of course, the mainstream media can’t handle the heat and is accusing the show of “normalizing” Greene’s “extremism.”

Let’s be clear, Greene was just stating the facts when she called out the Democrats as “the party of pedophiles” in a Real America’s Voice interview. And when Stahl brought it up in the 60 Minutes interview, Greene didn’t back down.

“The Democrats are ‘a party of pedophiles,’” Stahl prompted.
“I would definitely say so,” Greene replied. “They support grooming children.”

But Stahl couldn’t handle the truth and objected, claiming that Democrats aren’t pedophiles. Seriously? Wake up and smell the coffee, Stahl!

Greene then called out Biden himself for supporting the sexualization of children and transgender surgeries. And let’s be honest, sexualizing children is exactly what pedophiles do.

Stahl was left speechless once again, and after a moment of silence, she finally managed to mutter, “okay.” But she wasn’t done yet and asked Greene if name-calling was necessary to “fight for what you believe in.”

Greene fired back, asking the same question of “the other side.” She’s just tired of being insulted non-stop since she arrived in Washington. It’s time for conservatives to take a stand and fight back against the liberal propaganda machine.

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