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Was Chance the Rapper cheating on his wife? An important debate to separate men from boys



Chance the Rapper was caught grinding on a strange woman in some sort of grinding centipede while he was on a trip to Jamaica for Carnival. Further, the woman on whom he was grinding was barely wearing clothes with her butt completely exposed. Chance was at least wearing pretty large pants (hideous pants since we’re talking about them).

Here is the moment for context. It’s definitely more graphic than simple dancing but less so than a hookup which has spurred debate.

Most fans seem bothered by the graphic dancing citing Chance’s outspoken Christianity and the fact of his wife. But some are quick to turn the tables and say ~actually~ uptight Americans just don’t understand Carnival and it’s actually THEM who are the problem. Interesting.

Does Chance’s behavior constitute cheating? That’s probably between him and his wife in terms of what they expect of each other. But from my point of view and the point of view of a lot of his fans both male and female? It definitely was cheating.

Christians like Chance are often held to a much higher societal standard than others. Where another celebrity or music artist might have gone to Carnival and publicly slapped a woman’s naked booty for God and his wife to observe without criticism, an outspoken Christian is likely to receive blow back. Is this unfair? No, it is not.

Christians aren’t exempt from making bad choices. We make mistakes all the time. Big huge booty shaking mistakes. I’ve made all kinds. The difference, or what is supposed to make us different, is how we respond to our mistakes. God calls on us to take responsibility for our actions and to redeem ourselves from them. He hung on the cross for us, he’s here to forgive us. But first, we have to be sorry. Does Chance the Rapper owe America an apology? Not really. But he owes his wife one and he owes himself the chance to do better. With so many eyes on him he has a rare opportunity to show people what getting back up from a fall from grace can look like.

I don’t judge Chance, I don’t think he’s a bad person and neither should anyone. He’s just a man doing what society called on him to do. I would and have made similar choices with far less eyes on me. But if we’re debating behavior, then we have to acknowledge that the behavior is definitely not in the spirit of fidelity to his wife.

It’s the easy road to side with those saying that Chance is just partaking in culture. It’s easy to condemn voices holding each other to a higher standard. “This is cultural, you just don’t get it.” I do get it. The thing about Christianity is that we are not held to the standard of “culture.” A major tenant of Christianity is to live by grace and faith and not by what society says is right and wrong. In fact, the prophets warn us that society will tell us vehemently that their wrongs are actually right.

Putting aside the fact of Chance’s Christianity, the publicly lurid behavior toward other women is not particularly masculine. A man is able to show his wife respect and maintain his dignity for her sake. A man does not need to be made to feel sexualized by sex workers, strippers, naked dancers or pornography. These things which are uplifted and celebrated by culture are things which tear down the very fabric of men. They make them weak. Dependent. Isolated. Vulnerable. Addicted. Men need to find a way to regain their pride of manhood and that will take walking away from dependence on depravity and certainly on disrespecting their wives with these things.

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