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BREAKING: The Truth Is Being Lost In The Latest “White Supremacy” Narrative



Over the weekend, a gunman opened fire outside a mall in Allen, Texas, leaving at least eight people dead and several others injured. The shooter, identified as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, used an “AR-style” rifle to fire dozens of rounds. It’s important to note that the outlet mall where the shooting occurred was designated as a “gun-free zone.”

While details about Garcia are still limited, we do know that he worked as a security guard and lived at his parents’ home. Following the shooting, left-wing media outlets and pundits immediately politicized the incident, blaming “white supremacy” despite the fact that Garcia is actually Hispanic.

The Washington Post ran a headline that read: “Investigators examine Texas gunman’s white-supremacist views,” citing an anonymous law enforcement official who claimed Garcia’s social media “appeared to show an interest in white supremacy.”

However, this narrative doesn’t really make any sense: white supremacist kills white people to advance the cause of white supremacy? What?

The focus should be on the tragic loss of life and the innocent people who were gunned down while enjoying a Saturday afternoon at the mall.

As Governor Greg Abbott of Texas pointed out in a recent interview with Fox News, there has been an increased number of shootings in both states with easy gun laws and states with strict gun laws. We need to address the root causes of anger and violence, such as mental health problems, rather than focusing on false narratives about race and white supremacy.

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