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BREAKING: Trump Demands Action On Biden’s Border Crisis



As the border crisis created by President Biden’s open-border policies continues to escalate, former President Donald Trump is calling for immediate and decisive action.

In a new video, Trump has demanded that Congress terminate all funding for catch-and-release and ban the Biden administration from using a single federal taxpayer dollar to release illegal aliens inside the U.S. The need for this action is urgent, as up to 40,000 migrants are currently amassed at the border, waiting to cross into the U.S.

The consequences of Biden’s border policies have been catastrophic. Since taking office, over 6.3 million illegal crossings have occurred, representing a 450% increase compared to last year. Unaccompanied minor crossings have increased by 300% since March 2020. Moreover, deadly drugs are flowing into the country, with only 5-10% being intercepted by border officials. This year alone, CBP has seized over 13,800 pounds of fentanyl, which is enough to kill 3.1 billion people.

The Biden administration’s open-border policies also pose a threat to national security and are causing a humanitarian crisis. 80 terror watchlist arrests have been made at the border in 2023, a significant increase from the 11 that occurred from 2017-2020. Additionally, there have been a record number of migrant deaths while crossing the border in 2022.

Trump is absolutely right to demand action now. It is time for Congress to take decisive action to protect our country and put an end to the border crisis.

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