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BREAKING: Tiny D’s BIG Announcement



In a totally unsurprising move that we’ve been expecting for months, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will make his official entry into the 2024 race tonight.

Desantis has decided to announce through Twitter Spaces, through a live audio conversation alongside tech entrepreneur Elon Musk.

The announcement is scheduled for 6 pm ET and will be moderated by David Sachs, a GOP elitist billionaire and ardent supporter of Governor DeSantis. Although Elon Musk’s exact role in the conversation remains unclear, he confirmed the event during a Wall Street Journal panel, stating that it will feature real-time questions and answers, offering an unscripted approach.

Governor DeSantis’ decision to utilize this unique social media platform falls in line with recent trends in conservative media. Renowned television host Tucker Carlson recently announced his show’s move to Twitter, and just this week, the influential Daily Wire revealed plans to migrate their podcast series to the platform as well.

President Donald Trump’s reaction to Governor DeSantis’ Twitter announcement was about what you’d expect it to be. A Trump advisor shared with The National Pulse, “Announcing on Twitter is perfect for Ron DeSantis. This way he doesn’t have to interact with people,” highlighting DeSantis’ ability to connect with voters through a modern medium.

While DeSantis supporters are hoping the announcement results in a major boost for Tiny D, he undoubtedly faces a challenging path ahead if he intends to mount a serious challenge against the formidable Trump. The current polls paint a revealing picture. According to Real Clear Politics, which aggregates national polls, Trump holds average support of 56.3% among Republican voters, while DeSantis currently stands at 19.4%.

Meatball certainly has an uphill battle to climb if he hopes to close the gap.

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