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Which Republican Presidential Candidate just owned the racists on The View?



Republican candidate for President, Senator Tim Scott, went on the View this week and left the screeching harpies stunned in silence. 

Scott came right out and said that he only came on the show to put them in their place about their racist treatment of black people. He said their rhetoric regarding opportunities and futures for black men was “dangerous, offensive [and] disgusting.” 

Needless to say, the obnoxious bitties hosts didn’t have much to say back. They tried to rattle off some irrelevant statistics about the struggles of black men in America but couldn’t really answer why they think their negative rhetoric about black men not being able to succeed is helpful to black men and not inherently racist. 

This was a great moment for Scott who is an underdog in the overall race but a strong candidate to win South Carolina and could be a strong ticket-mate for those who emerge as the frontrunners for 2024. 

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