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The 7 best Vegas Golden Knights intro shows



The Vegas Golden Knights landed their first Stanley Cup victory over the Florida Panthers just six years after the start of their franchise. But frankly, even if they didn’t, they’d still be the best team in the country if only for their genuinely amazing showmanship. Vegas really knows how to hype. 

Here are the best ones: 

  1. This May 2018 epic quest complete with Katniss (I know it wasn’t her)
  1. This year’s battle against evil demons and for some reason a dragon in the Stanley Cup series (panthers are maybe too cute to battle)
  1. This viral 2021 intro against the Seattle Kracken 
  1. This Holiday themed spectacular 
  1. When they took on the Kings in 2018 and also Blue Man Group
  1. Also they have show girls 
  1. IDK exactly what’s happening here but it’s lit 
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