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Lose Something, Hunter? Here Are All The Best Reactions To A Big Bag Of Cocaine Found At The White House



Over the July 4 weekend, the Secret Service made public that they had found a giant bag of coke in the White House. Initial reports said it was found in the library but now the media is saying it was definitely a visitor’s coke and found in a personal belongings cubby. If it was a visitor’s and found in a personal belongings cubby, it’s confusing as to how law enforcement doesn’t have a pretty narrow list of who it might belong to. White House visitors are logged in and out and carefully screened by not only Secret Service and metal directors but also drug and weapon sniffing dogs. Official and tourist visitors alike are required to provide social security numbers and IDs for full background checks. Casual visitors like tourists require registration weeks in advance. The list would not be terribly long for a single day of White House visitors. 

The internet’s reaction to the White House coke scandal has been top tier. Here are all the best reactions, most of which naturally include Hunter Biden.

  1. The timing couldn’t have been more suspicious 
  1. The ace detective work it took to determine that coke was coke
  1. What does it say if you’re a national joke about drugs? 
  1. The whole admin kinda seems like they’re on crack tbh 
  1. Hunter after learning coke was found in the White House (from anon) 
  1. There are no incriminating videos that make the coke suspect of choice pretty obvious
  1. Too bad the White House doesn’t have any security cameras….oh wait
  1. Doing cocaine at the White House really is unprecedented in its disrespect for the office…
  1. The suspect has a special set of skills 
  1. Its probably Hunter’s but TBH it could be anyone’s and that’s actually worse
  1. The mental olympics on the left trying to justify the changing locations being reported. Oh I know it was actually a digital library that’s it!
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