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What Does Your Favorite Speak Now Song Say About Your Politics?



Taylor Swift is re-releasing her own music from the iconic 2010 album, Speak Now. The album contains her magnum opus, Dear John, as well as hit after hit which have withstood the test of time including Back to December, Enchanted, Mean and Haunted. Her new release will feature six never before heard songs that didn’t make the original cut. The Swifties are beside themselves, as they rightly should be.

Taylor Swift has been on an aptly named Eras tour for the past year, absolutely dominating American media and crushing her 3 hour live performances through rain storms and thunder. If there was any doubt about Taylor Swift’s status as an enduring pop and musical icon, they have been put fully to rest. Any current Swift haters are delusional…in regard to her music and career that is. Her politics? Another story.

When Taylor released her newest album, Midnights, I wrote about how it represented the innocence lost of not only a country but a generation. The generation whose hearts bled with Taylor as she sang about her teen years and her early twenties have officially grown up. Taylor was essentially the soundtrack to an entire era (thus the apt name of her current tour) of American life and culture. As Taylor changed and got political and her music less pulpy with emotional resonance, so too America changed. 

So in honor of the Speak Now re-release and with the connection between Taylor Swift and the last 20 years of the American journey: here is an extremely scientific and totally irrefutable breakdown (peer reviewed by my other personality and Corinne Clark) that shows where you fall on the political spectrum based on your favorite Speak Now song: 

Take a walk down memory lane and check out the 2010 original Speak Now version while you wait for Taylor Swift’s new release: 

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