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WAIT: Who Is Canceling Lizzo?



Allegations have surfaced of misconduct of popular performer, Lizzo, toward her backup dancers. The three former dancers cite incidents where Lizzo invited her employees (the dancers and more) to a strip club and had them touch the dancers even when they’d said no. They say that she essentially tricked them into going to another strip show without their consent. Finally, the dancers allege that they were forced to participate in a rigorous 12 hour rehearsal because Lizzo was suspicious they had been drinking before performances. One of the dancers said she was so fearful of being fired that she soiled herself during this rehearsal, afraid to leave to go to the bathroom. Former creative team members for Lizzo have corroborated the stories alleged in the lawsuit in that they felt their experiences with Lizzo were similar. 

In these kinds of crucifixions, typically when it rains it does also pour. Following the initial allegations and filing of the lawsuit, another report has come out from a documentarian that Lizzo was so disrespectful to her during the two weeks she was exploring the documentary that she walked away from the project entirely. 

It’s odd to see former allies of Lizzo speaking out in her defense after years of attacks which have come at her from the conservative right. Outspoken cultural influencers like Ben Shapiro have accused Lizzo of being intentionally controversial and attention seeking as well as sort of plainly unlikable. Others who are less influential among conservatives have been bothered by her insistence on making her type of body a “standard of beauty.” In all those instances, the leftist mob has rushed to defend Lizzo as the pure angel of goodness and truth that must be protected at all costs. So for now those same voices to be the ones seeking her demise is a bit jarring. 

If the enemy of my enemy is also the enemy of my friend then what does that make Lizzo? 

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