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UH OH! New Leaks From Ron DeSantis Team Reveal The Truth About The Campaign’s Most Controversial Videos



Recent leaks obtained by Semafor have brought to light some concerning revelations about the Ron DeSantis campaign. Some senior aides were apparently involved in implementing a high-risk strategy that used anonymous Twitter accounts to share controversial videos created by their own staff. The leaked internal campaign communications suggest that these activities were not merely the actions of a few rogue employees, but rather a planned approach embedded within the campaign’s operations.

The leaked screenshots from the Signal channel “War Room Creative Ideas” provide an insight into the aggressive digital strategy that has shaped Governor DeSantis’ candidacy. The channel, led by the campaign’s director of rapid response, Christina Pushaw, has been instrumental in promoting meme-filled videos and opposition research.

One of the videos that has garnered attention is an anti-Trump video that featured a symbol associated with Nazi Germany. The video, originally posted on an anonymous account, drew widespread criticism and became a major distraction for the campaign. The messages prove that internally, no one disavowed the content, some staffers even praised it before its release.

Moreover, the chats prove the intentional distribution of another controversial video attacked Donald Trump for his past comments supportive of LGBT rights. The campaign has still refused to confirm or deny ownership of these videos, it has been reported that the content was approved by senior staffers before dissemination.

The leaked communications reveal the campaign’s attempts to maintain secrecy, as messages were set to disappear after one week. This only adds to concerns about transparency and accountability within the campaign’s operations.

While it’s important to engage in robust digital campaigns, there is a fine line between showcasing ideas and perpetuating offensive content. It is disheartening to see the DeSantis campaign resort to these tactics, as it takes away from the focus on substantive policy discussions.

You can get more details on the whole plot, here.

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