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WOW!!! How Stupid Is The Latest Attack On Sound Of Freedom? 



The media is trying to destroy Sound of Freedom’s credibility once again. This time they’re saying one of the movie’s key producers/funders was convicted of kidnapping. Unsurprisingly, this characterization of events may be factual but it isn’t very close to the truth. 

It is beyond disturbing the amount the media has sought to take down the film Sound of Freedom. Even before its release, the way the media suddenly sprung to life attacking the organizations associated with the film the second 21st Century Fox had access to the content seems extremely suspicious. Following its release, media reviewers tried hard to make viewers think the movie was bad including calling it “boring” which is a truly sick way to characterize such a gut wrenching movie. All in an effort to keep eyes away from the very real issue of child sex trafficking. 

The media is now claiming that “one of the founders” of Sound of Freedom was arrested for kidnapping. The man in question is Fabian Marta who was charged with kidnapping in St. Louis, MO. Here are some pretty important details on the situation and his relationship to Sound of Freedom the media conveniently buried: 

  • Marta has been accused of accessory to kidnapping not kidnapping
  • The police alleged that he allowed another unnamed suspect keep two girls under 14  in his home. They say that because he did not voluntarily allow police to enter his home without a warrant when they first came to check, that is tantamount to “harboring” kidnapped victims.
  • Marta’s lawyers informed local media (conveniently not reported by national media) that Marta was providing housing for a friend in exchange for home repairs. 
  • The details from the police include the phrasing “returning children to lawful parent” implying, obviously, the girls were taken by their own father who was staying at Marta’s house.
  • Marta was one of over 6,000 grassroots donors to Sound of Freedom who donated on average $501. 

Whether or not Marta is guilty or did wrong, time and justice will tell. As of now he maintains innocence. But none of it really matters because it does not change the facts, importance and quality of Sound of Freedom which the media is so desperate to discredit. 

It really makes you ask: what are they so scared the world will do? Try to stop children from being trafficked? Interesting. 

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