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BREAKING: Facebook’s Shocking Role In Spreading CCP And Russian Propaganda REVEALED



Facebook appears to be taking a breather from its usual bustling schedule of monitoring and managing content to engage in a different pursuit, at least for the moment.

In an eye-opening revelation, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has disclosed the startling disinformation efforts emanating from China and Russia. These efforts have been directed at major players such as The Washington Post, NATO, and even Fox News.

Let’s delve into the specifics of these deceptive maneuvers. China, in its characteristic fashion, orchestrated an elaborate operation involving its own law enforcement agencies. This involved the creation of counterfeit versions of genuine American news websites. The intent was to propagate messages aligned with the Chinese Communist Party’s agenda while concurrently launching attacks on its critics. The sheer scale of this operation is staggering, spanning over 50 platforms which include heavyweights like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. However, even such an elaborate scheme had its vulnerabilities. Astonishingly, the bogus websites ended up exposing their own Achilles’ heel – a lack of meticulous proofreading. The articles in question were riddled with a mix of English and Chinese headlines, an inadvertent giveaway.

Meanwhile, Russia executed a comparatively modest campaign, known as ‘Doppelganger’. This initiative involved the cloning of prominent websites like The Washington Post and Fox News. In an audacious move, one counterfeit article even featured Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy purportedly confessing to being a puppet under the CIA’s control.

Responding to these revelations, Meta took decisive action by expelling a total of 7,704 Facebook accounts and numerous associated pages and groups linked to these dubious campaigns.

While the clampdown on these disinformation operations is certainly a positive step, it’s hard not to consider the broader implications. It’s quite likely that Facebook could exploit instances such as these to rationalize its impending shutdown of a significant number of authentic American sources in 2024. The purported motive behind this move is to safeguard the interests of Joe Biden’s campaign. Nonetheless, there’s an underlying sense of apprehension surrounding any form of censorship, even when it’s seemingly well-intentioned.

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