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DO IT LIKE TAYLOR SWIFT: Who is Everleigh Rose and is she the new Rebecca Black? 



Everleigh Rose the daughter of popular Christian influencers Sav and Cole LaBrant has recently put out a song and music video, “Like Taylor Swift” and it has filled the void I didn’t know I had since 2011 when Rebecca Black stormed into our hearts and ears with the iconic bop we hated so much we loved, “Friday.” 

Everleigh’s song doesn’t per se sound like “Friday” but it has that vibe. It has that je ne sais quoi that takes a regular ill-advised premature foray into pop music and turns it into a viral hit with over a hundred million views over its many years of iconoclasm. 

Let’s break down “Like Taylor Swift” and see how it compares with “Friday.” Does Everleigh Rose have that Rebecca Black star power? Can she really compete with lyrics like “yesterday was Thursday….tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards?” I say 100% yes it does. Let’s dive in: 

The song starts off pretty strong with some “whoas” and the video has some backup dancers and light choreo which tbh is more than Rebecca Black can say

Then as the song really begins Everleigh is in this 2000s bedroom set with a lip phone and my 12 year old self is extremely jealous

Everleigh kicks off the jam by country-style rapping on top of a jeep. VERY Friday vibes. ‘Down south, homegrown, homemade’ is merchandising gold. Also not a bad slogan for a fast food chicken establishment. 

She and her backup dancers do some pretty cool flips during the continuing rap about her parents and siblings. But it’s like: that’s nice Everleigh but my sister is a cop and she’d for sure pummel me if I called her “little” despite it being extremely true….

When the chorus kicks in it actually goes pretty hard. It’s a certified bop. She also describes the ideal weekend for every millennial female. Is it that this song appeals to millennials on purpose or we’re failing to adequately adapt to adulthood? 

Her hair is blowing through the wind like me when I roll down my window to just feel the tiniest bit more alive

Taylor Swift on the radio all weekend? Check. But do kids use radios? Would they even know to call a device that plays music a radio? Did Taylor Swift write this song? 

There is absolutely no way this girl is 16 and if she was she prolly wouldn’t still be using that dope grounded trampoline. The choreo is in FULL effect at this point though and you have to respect it. This would not make the worst Gap ad. 

“Hair up, messy bun, baggy t-shirt on” [looks down at appearance]. Also the ideal weeknight.

Idk about “do it like Taylor Swift” she plays 3 hour concerts every weekend. That seems like a lot of work. But I catch the vibe I get the feeling and I’m here for it. 

Look how dope this trampoline set-up is 

The next verse continues the country rapping but the subject matter is 10x more interesting than her family. For example: none of us know what tf we are supposed to do tomorrow either. 

There is nothing more relatable than this image on the entire internet. 

We’re treated to another iconic chorus but this time we have real hair in the wind and it’s giving life. It’s giving freedom. It’s giving rebellion. It’s giving literally everything. 

Then this jack weasel (presumably her famous father) tries to steal the show with some comedy GET OUT OF HERE FAME HOG THIS IS EVERLEIGHS MOMENT

Then the song does something for a bridge that no song has ever dared do before. It does something I never knew I always needed. It simply lists Taylor Swift songs. And Everleigh does it in a sparkly dress lit by a single spotlight. Taylor Swift definitely wrote this. 

Romeo save me they’re tryna tell me how to feel.

This one is kind of concerning because actually this is about a 32 year old man breaking the heart of a 19 year old girl but alright still iconic I get it.

Remember when Lena Dunham was friends with Taylor Swift and in the Bad Blood music video then Taylor’s other best friend stole Lena’s boyfriend and after that happened Taylor Swift went to go produce music with him? Kenderick Lamar was on that track. It’s so sad to think about the good times.

BRB asking God if he would play it again. 

Everleigh should not be dating troubled boys. NO DARK HARRY STYLES!

Imma let you finish but….

I see how this is gonna go.

Okay no one is actually 22.

Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate

The real Everleigh can’t come to the phone right now…

This is the messaging we need to get behind in this age bracket.

Wait is this reference about the song ‘Lover’ or is there a Taylor Swift song mocking me specifically? 

Drop everything now, meet me in the pouring rain, kiss me on the side walk, take away the pain ‘cause when you’re 15 somebody tells you they love you you’re gonna believe them…


I don’t get the hype on cruel summer and I won’t be convinced now but I love the thematic finish 

We conclude with one final chorus. Those girls are very serious about their hair in the wind and the commitment is inspirational. 

With impressive continuity the song concludes with some “whoas” and more of the arm waving from the top of the video. 

Overall I give Everleigh Rose’s “Taylor Swift” a solid 100000/10 and my only question is if the songs she chose to list of Taylor Swift’s are her favorites and if that’s the case how she got such good taste but why did she leave out Karma?

There is no question that Everleigh Rose and this song has all the potential in the world to be the next Friday by Rebecca Black. Look at the similarities: 

Rebecca also kicks off in her cool bedroom. Not quite as cool as Everleigh’s tbh. We’re that these could have been filmed in the same era but are a decade apart. Is teen culture the same always? 

Rebecca also kicks off her song with a relatively mundane rap. It does not have the countrified flair of “Like Taylor Swift.” 

Rebecca also cares about wind in her hair though albeit less expressly 

“Friday, Friday, gettin down on Friday” are some of the most important lyrics of an entire generation. Hard to compete with. 

Rebecca also likes the car and backup girl vibe. Hitting those important notes of pink.

Rebecca goes to a party which is tbh less appealing than Chick-fil-a and baggy t-shirts. 

Rebecca opts to list days of the week instead of Taylor Swift songs.

Rebecca actually has a guest rapper come in for some cred which I do suggest Everleigh does in a remix so we can use her song for dance parties

Check out Everleigh’s entire “Like its Taylor Swift” music video here and join me in listening to it 50 times until it becomes a viral sensation like it deserves. 

Also here’s Rebecca Black’s “Friday” if you fell and smacked your head and somehow forgot it. 

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