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BREAKING: Trump Demands Vaccine Transparency! What Are They HIDING?



In a world where the White House and left-wing media are busy stoking Covid fear and pushing for more vaccines, former President Trump emerges as a voice of reason, demanding transparency from the pharmaceutical companies responsible for these jabs.

In a recent interview with former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, Trump had this to say: “If they have facts… they should be made public immediately. People should understand that and they should know what [the] research is showing, and what fact-finding is.”

Trump’s insistence on transparency is commendable. In a climate of uncertainty, it is crucial that the American people have access to all available information regarding vaccine safety and efficacy. After all, an informed public is a powerful one.

Continuing on this vital issue, Trump astutely pointed out, “If they are going to hold back, that means they’re holding back something that’s not good… they have to release [the safety data].”

Indeed, holding back information on vaccine safety can only lead to suspicion and distrust. The American people deserve to know the whole truth about what goes into their bodies.

Trump’s stance on this issue aligns with the concerns of many conservative voters. While he was an early proponent of vaccines, he consistently maintained that they should not be mandated, a position in stark contrast to President Biden’s heavy-handed approach.

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