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BREAKING: Is Congress Actually Getting Along TOO WELL Right Now?



In the current climate, we are inundated with calls from the media for Congress to unify, but let’s take a moment to dissect this notion. The real issue at hand isn’t a lack of unity in Congress; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.


The problem lies in the fact that our elected representatives are getting along a little too well. They’re not just finding common ground with each other; they’re cozying up to lobbyists, banks, foreign governments, and big business interests. Their rapport with big pharma, in particular, seems almost too comfortable.

It’s disingenuous to suggest that trillion-dollar spending bills are a result of an inability to compromise. The staggering national debt and perpetual state of war we find ourselves in aren’t consequences of a lack of bipartisanship.

The real issue is the so-called “middle ground” that has given rise to countless friendships within the hallowed halls of the Capitol. These friendships have, regrettably, led to rampant corruption. Bipartisan efforts have become the smokescreen behind which insider trading thrives on both sides of the aisle, enriching these politicians while ordinary Americans grapple with financial hardship.

So, when we hear calls for unity, it’s hard not to chuckle. Unity is not what our nation needs at this moment. What we truly require is accountability. It’s time for our representatives to answer for their actions, to be held responsible for their questionable ties and self-serving decisions. True accountability is the missing ingredient in the recipe for a healthier and more transparent government, not a misguided pursuit of unity.

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