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BREAKING: Biden Requests $100 Billion In New Funds And It’s Absolutely Outrageous… Here’s Why



Last night, President Joe Biden took to the national stage after returning from his visit to Israel. His prime-time speech, however, raised more than a few eyebrows among conservatives. In his address, he underscored the United States’ commitment to supporting not just Israel but also Ukraine. What’s more, he has big plans to request an additional staggering $100 BILLION in aid from Congress.

Just two minutes into his speech, Biden veered off the track, shifting from discussing the Israel conflict to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. He attempted to draw parallels between these two conflicts, asserting, “Hamas and Putin may represent different threats, but they both share a common goal: the complete annihilation of neighboring democracies.”

The $100 billion emergency funding package that Biden aims to secure from Congress includes:

  1. $60 billion for Ukraine
  2. $14 billion for Israel
  3. $14 billion for so-called U.S. border “security”
  4. $10 billion for humanitarian assistance

It’s crucial to clarify that when Biden mentions “border security,” this isn’t about funds for border walls. Instead, it’s more about streamlining the processing of individuals who enter the country illegally.

The United States finds itself in a dire financial situation, with a national debt exceeding $33 trillion. This year alone, our budget is running a deficit of $2 trillion, which will only further contribute to this mounting debt.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was recently asked whether the U.S. can afford to fund wars in both Israel and Ukraine. Her response was unequivocal: “I think the answer is an absolute yes.”

Conservatives view this situation as nothing short of shameful, as the nation’s priorities appear to be misplaced, with significant financial implications for the future.

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