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BREAKING: Former President Trump Roasts Soros-Backed AG in Explosive Trial!



Former President Trump bravely defended his business record in a New York courtroom, facing off against the Soros-backed New York Attorney General, Letitia James, in a civil fraud trial. The former president is accused of misrepresenting his wealth and property values, all while contending with a judge who seemed determined to undermine him.

During his testimony, Trump engaged in intense exchanges, showing his determination to stand his ground. When questioned about paying off loans, Trump responded confidently, “Yes. With cash… I think this case is a disgrace. People are leaving New York due to this kind of thing. The only complainant is you.”

The defense lawyer continued to press Trump, inquiring if he believed in the allegations made by AG James. Trump didn’t mince words, stating, “I think she’s a political hack… This is a political witch hunt, and I think she should be ashamed of herself.”

Trump also referenced the “disclaimer clause” in his bank loans, a clause that places the responsibility for certifying the values of his assets on the banks, absolving him of inaccuracies. However, the judge seemed to have a personal vendetta against this clause, dismissing its significance.

The trial took a dramatic turn when Judge Arthur Engoron lost his composure, demanding Trump’s defense team “control him.” When Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, suggested that the prosecutors ask better questions, the judge slammed the table and ordered her to “sit down!”

The “disclaimer clause” that Trump repeatedly mentioned is a crucial part of his financial dealings. It places the onus on banks to verify the accuracy of the values stated in his financial statements, sparing Trump from liability. However, Judge Engoron refused to allow Trump to present this clause during his testimony, indicating a clear bias against the former president from the outset.

In an astonishing pre-trial ruling, Judge Engoron blocked Trump’s defense team from using the disclaimer clause as part of their argument. This is a clear example of a justice system gone awry, resembling nothing more than a kangaroo court, seemingly determined to undermine and persecute the former president.

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  5. Dan

    November 11, 2023 at 8:47 pm

    The DOJ needs to investigate this Judge and oust him from his position. He is a radical judge not willing to do his job….listen and allow testimony. I’m very surprised that DOJ has done nothing. Is this another coverup by the DOJ?

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  7. Ephraim Ponce

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    The astonishing thing is every single dirty trick the left-wing ‘judge’ and Islamo-Nazi persecutor will ultimately be overruled by a legitimate judge. None of these highly unethical dirty tricks will stand. But the left-wing is so dedicated to keeping Trump from having the opportunity to be re-elected, they are putting the law on its head. Never, in the 234 years of this republic have such blatant political abuses been used against a former president with the only purpose being to keep him from running for president. They have so totally destroyed this country, they know they have not got a chance against him, so they pull these smoke and mirrors to try and stop him. If, please G-d, he is re-elected, I hope he does use vengeance, because that is the only thing the sick, twisted, warped anti-American left wing understands.

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