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BREAKING: Is George Santos The Most Beloved Congressman? 



The House Committee on Ethics released a report this week detailing alleged misuse of campaign funds by Rep. George Santos. The Chair of the Committee subsequently filed a motion to expel Santos. The report alleged that Santos used campaign funds on luxury products and services like Botox and OnlyFans. 

Santos has been embroiled in scandal ever since allegations emerged that he might not have been totally truthful about his identity or many aspects of his life. Santos has been a divisive figure among Republicans with younger generation conservatives embracing him while older lawmakers try to remove him from office thereby revoking the right of NY-3 to make their own decisions about representation.

The people of America know exactly how seriously to take Congress and their “Ethics Committee.” Here are some of the funniest responses to the George Santos ethics report whether your love him or hate him: 

This girl who thinks we should be a little more sensitive 

This woman who thinks there are other ethical violations we should look into 

This supply list 

To many he’s a hero 

To some his alleged misdeed seem like a good time 

Many know what we’ve lost and the void it will leave in our hearts

This person gets the vibe

Members of Congress don’t really know what they’re supposed to do 

We’re kind of sleeping on some high quality released text messages

The liberal gay community doesn’t know whose side to be on

Accounting is confusing 

Many are drawing similarities to other icons

And here’s what George had to say for himself: 

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