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January 6th Is Way Worse Than These Moments In American History *maybe



According to liberal leaders (with absolutely nothing to gain from their opinion on it), the riot at the Capitol on January 6 was actually an “insurrection” and it was one of the worst/darkest/most disturbing days in American history. 

WOW scary stuff. 

Here are some of the events in American history which these geniuses (again, with absolutely no agenda at all) think are less bad than a riot which was under control within only three hours and where no one came armed and only one building had damage. 

  1. August 24, 1812: British forces burned down the U.S. Capitol and also every other government building in Washington 
  1. In August, 1968 – ten thousand individuals rioted in Chicago to disrupt the Democratic National Convention. Hundreds were injured due to federal law enforcement violence. 
  1. Throughout history, four United States Presidents have been assassinated and two others have been injured in attempts. The most recent injury was in 1981 when President Reagan was shot. 
  1. By April 1865, 620,000 men had died in a Civil War. About 50,000 men died in a single battle at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 1863. 
  1. In February of 1942, the President of the United States ordered all American citizens of Japanese heritage to be imprisoned with no trial. They were not released until 1946. 120,000 people were held prisoner on the basis of their race with no trial or conviction for four years.
  1. Millions of people were enslaved and trafficked between the creation of the colonies and the Civil War including millions at the time of the emancipation proclamation.
  1. A terrorist organization flew a plane into the Pentagon – the seat of our national defense – killing almost 200 people and destroying half of the building and on the same day they flew two planes into the World Trade Centers killing thousands of civilians. 
  1. One man sexually assaulted over 150 young women (predominantly minors and including United States Olympians). If that isn’t enough of a horror, the federal government admitted to being aware of it but never doing anything about it for years. No federal agent was fired or disciplined for their involvement. 
  1. In spring of 1968 after the assassination of one of America’s most prominent political leaders, Martin Luther King Jr., riots broke out across the country killing hundreds and injuring thousands and totalling over a hundred million in damage. Order could not be restored for several days in Washington, D.C. In the Nation’s capital, entire neighborhoods were left in rubble and never revived for decades after over 1,000 buildings were destroyed (primarily burned down). 
  1. On Memorial Day weekend 2020 after the death of George Floyd, riots broke out across the country. The immediate deaths on that weekend were 19 people with thousands injured and over a billion dollars of damage. The individual riots lasted days without getting under control and the riots all told lasted weeks.

Which one of these should we bump so that January 6 can make the top 10? 

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