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BREAKING: How Biden’s Border Mess Is Playing Politics With America’s Safety



Things are heating up at the southern border, and Arizona rancher Jim Chilton is not holding back. He’s pointing fingers at lawmakers for turning the border crisis into a political game, leaving everyday Americans in the lurch. In a recent interview, the 72-year-old rancher, whose family farm has turned into a hotspot for migrants, slammed the collapse of a bipartisan security deal that aimed to fix things.

Chilton is throwing shade at politicians, saying they’re treating border security like a “political football.” He’s not impressed, claiming that the recent bipartisan deal fell through because lawmakers care more about scoring points than keeping Americans safe.

The deal in question was supposed to revamp the US asylum system, but it crashed and burned when nearly all Republicans gave it a thumbs down. Donald Trump wasn’t a fan, calling it too weak on illegal immigration, while Democrats accused conservatives of playing politics.

Talking to Fox News, Chilton didn’t mince words. He thinks lawmakers should be laser-focused on sealing the border and not getting distracted by potential political wins in the next election.

But Chilton didn’t just talk the talk – he walked the walk by sharing footage from hidden cameras on his property, capturing thousands of people illegally crossing his land. Some are even using sneaky tactics like dressing in camouflage or leaving behind “carpet shoes” to cover their tracks.

The Tucson Border Sector, where Chilton’s farm is, has seen a surge in crossings, adding fuel to the fire. Chilton’s worried about security threats, stressing that some might be slipping through the cracks and posing risks to the country.

He’s fed up and wants lawmakers to forget the political games and focus on securing the border. Chilton’s not alone – he’s part of a chorus of voices calling for action to address the escalating crisis.

Former President Trump is cheering on conservatives for crushing the proposed legislation, calling it “disastrous.” The bill included cash for border wall construction and beefing up security, but GOP leaders weren’t having it.

With Chilton’s family farm hanging in the balance, he’s pleading for a quick and effective solution. The border mess, according to him, isn’t just a political show; it’s a matter of national importance that needs attention now. Time for politicians to put their differences aside and get down to business – America’s safety depends on it!

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