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Which Love is Blind contestant is your fave Vice Presidential hopeful? 



It’s the list that no one asked for. 

Love is Blind is an absolutely WILD reality TV show which has taken the internet by storm. The concept of the show is that a gaggle of men and women date without ever seeing each other. They achieve this by sitting in “pods” that have a separation wall. The goal of this “blind dating” is that couples will fall in love and get engaged and once the couple is engaged they get to see each other for the first time. All of this happens in a matter of WEEKS. After the engagement, the couple then has a small amount of time to get to know each other before they get married on the show. Obviously: its a big mess full of a lot of drama and absurdity. But several couples from this show are still married to this day.

 The race for President Trump’s proverbial heart is just as juicy and right now there’s still several suitors in the running. 

So which running mate best matches these unlikely soul mates?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is Brittany 

Brittany was America’s sweetheart. The religious southerner who was saving herself for marriage and pragmatically approaching the issue of race is a fan favorite just like Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sarah was once President Trump’s Press Secretary and is beloved by all of Trump’s supporters as well as pretty well respected (albeit begrudgingly) by the media. If there was any flaw to Brittany it was that she was perhaps a little naive and while Sarah isn’t naive per se she is new to governing. 

Ben Carson is Jimmy 

Jimmy always maintained a very calm demeanor and understated presence even when he was passionate about something. From major fights to proposals, Jimmy never raised his voice or revealed much about what he was thinking or how he was feeling. Jimmy liked to keep his cards close and his business private, much like Dr. Ben Carson. Ben is known for his very even voice and almost sleepy demeanor. While he’s extremely qualified having already served in President Trump’s cabinet, some wonder if he’s simply too low key. 

Kari Lake is Laura

Laura was a straight shooter. She told it like it was and she did not buy into any BS. She simply could not be gaslit. It was very impressive. Kari Lake is the same way. She knows what’s true and she can’t be bullied into saying it’s false. She’s considered a bulldog but she’s also beautiful and admirable. She is standing firm on her own two feet as she races for Senate, so some might think now isn’t the right time for Vice President. 

Katie Britt is Jessica

Jessica was the young mom on the show and she was proud of it. Fans found her relatable and easy to root for. Katie Britt recently gave the State of the Union response and heavily relied on her relatability as a mother. But at the end of the day, like Jessica, Katie is still pretty green.

Vivek Ramaswamy is Trevor

Trevor was the coolest of all the guys and an immediate fan favorite. From his jovial personality to his enthusiasm for fitness and cool music – Trevor just seemed like ‘the guy.’ Unfortunately – Trevor wasn’t totally forthcoming about who he was and dropped some major bombshells on fans at the reunion (or bombshells were dropped with his name on them). Vivek has the same charisma as Trevor. He’s ‘the guy.’ But some think he might have more to him than meets the eye and aren’t sure they can ‘Vice President’ level trust him. 

Kristi Noem is AD

Most of the focus on AD in the course of the show was based on her physical appearance. The talk of her body and beauty was the subject of many controversies and conversations of the show. Like AD, Kristi Noem is the beauty of the group of contenders and like AD it seems like that characteristic is maybe too defining for her despite her many other wonderful qualities including leadership. 

Greg Abbott is Chelsea 

Chelsea is a controversial figure of Love is Blind. Some fans really loved her passion and her quirkiness and think she was done pretty wrong in ‘the edit’ (the final cut of the show). She famously compared her looks to Megan Fox which sent the internet into shambles (no one looks like Megan Fox. Megan Fox doesn’t look like Megan Fox) and consistently showed poor judgment when it came to conflict management. Chelsea seemed like her own worst enemy. Greg Abbott is not unlike Chelsea. Greg struggles with judgment calls and conflict management often at odds with the people he should be closest to. He says he’s a lot like Donald Trump but many aren’t so sure. 

J.D. Vance is Johnny

Johnny was described as a guy that wasn’t the “type” of his love interest on the show but she fell in love after getting to know him blindly. He proved himself as considerate, fiscally responsible, adventurous and willing to learn and compromise. Like Johnny, J.D. might not be the first pick at a glance. But he’s got the qualities necessary to support President Trump….if he gets a chance. 

Tim Scott is Kenneth 

There was no question that Kenneth was a good man. He had strong family connections, he had a good and service oriented job, and he was an open minded person with a lot of integrity. But he struggled with letting his old life go in order to become passionate about a new one. Tim Scott seems like a genuinely good person a lot like Kenneth. He’s well known and beloved in his community and he always seems like a sensible, strong voice in loud rooms. However, his inability to let go of his individual identity for the sake of President Trump’s vision could be what hinders his advance. 

That’s all that’s the most important analysis of the Vice Presidential field you’re going to get. You don’t need any other information.

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