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 Karma Is Our Boyfriend: Pro-Palestine Activist Crashed Professor’s Dinner Party



Well well well look at how the tables turn. University of California, Berkeley students were invited to an exclusive dinner party at her Berkeley Dean’s home which he shares with his wife. Members of student government responded to this thoughtful and civil invitation by threatening and blackmailing the professor and then disrupting the party and spewing pro-Palestinian lies and garbage that only anti-semites and morons have the time to come up with. You know: the type of stuff people who are educated at University of Berkeley are usually filled with in their liberal arts courses (and now probably also in math). 

According to his statement on the incident, the Dean Erwin Chemerinsky and his wife have held these dinners annually for a while (except during COVID years GOD FORBID) and invite the graduating class to attend on one of a few select nights. This year, the student government at Berkley responded to this invite by creating a racist poster which depicted an evil caricature of Dr. Chemerinsky himself holding a bloody knife and called him a zionist. Following this poster, the very same student government threatened Chemerinsky and said if he didn’t cancel his private dinners at his private home they’d show up and cause trouble. A threat by any definition considering the content of the poster. 

So the students did show up and did protest his dinner clad in their religious garb (some of the students appeared to be muslim, dawning hijabs) which they are allowed to wear here in the United States of America where they enjoy freedoms so broad that they can harass whoever they want wherever they want and still not only be free to walk around but also be the super coolest kids at school. 

Despite how obnoxious and categorically idiotic the students are it’s hard to feel bad for Dean Chemerinsky who ostensibly produced this very outcome. Or at least, contributed to it. UC Berkeley and every other liberal institution (so nearly all of them) across the country have been encouraging, fostering and developing cultures of rabid and single minded activism. They have created their own monsters. Believing this kind of “punch back” “Yell at everything” “you’re entitled to be in someones face” “everyone but you is a monster” mentality served the greater Progressive Agenda, liberal professors just like Chemerinsky have done everything they could to create lynch mobs. 

In fact, when conservative speakers who were invited by students came to visit campus they were met by protests so aggressive that the school didn’t allow the speakers to come. A panel made up by Deans of schools at Berkeley just like Chemerinsky concluded that the school had done no wrong and that they did not seek to defend the conservatives whose motives they “found suspicious.” The entire system at Berkeley and around the country all but beg their students to treat their neighbors, community, their friends and their family disrespectfully and hatefully if they disagree on something. 

And furthermore, the entire liberal hegemony has meticulously bred an army of racists by instilling the belief that one race is worse than all others and that people of different races cannot have shared life experiences. They have been pushing societal, emotional and class segregation on the basis of race for years. Yes, for the low low price of $8,000 to $15,000 per semester, students can be inserted into a dank echo-chamber of progressivism. 

But Karma really is our boyfriend. These elitist ~educators~ are now on the wrong side of the racism and rabid activism that they fostered since the beginning of the Black Lives Matter movement (and really since the term ‘climate change’ entered the lexicon). They’re bored now of accusing every conservative in America and all Trump supporters of being racist tyrants (it’s just white noise to us at this point) so the inevitable has come and they’ve chosen to turn on their own. And the one evil race they all have been bred to hate (white people) isn’t enough anymore. Now it’s time for them to add a new one. 

I hope as Dean Chemerinsky and his wife recover from the shakeup they remember who showed up and disrupted their dinner party and made racist posters and tried to rob them of agency versus who is just out there trying to run businesses and farms and stay out of wars and hold people accountable for criminal actions. I hope they and their fancy pants colleagues remember who just wants to cut sexual content from kindergarten libraries versus who is threatening and bullying people in real time and in real life (not just in their heads). I hope they think about whether or not a bombastic tweet from a politician is really worse than what they’ve helped to create. I hope they realize who really is going to make America great again. They’re welcome in our tent any time they’re ready.