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Do you want to get Judged by Matt Walsh? 



Following an April Fools Day post by conservative influencer and Daily Wire affiliate, Matt Walsh, DailyWire+ has added a new show, Judged by Matt Walsh. 

Judged showcases ~The Honorable~ Matt Walsh presiding over real-life petty grievances and offering his personal brand of insight along with some routine gavel banging. The courtroom is the world according to Matt Walsh. In his own words, “human rights” do not apply. He can review whatever evidence he wants, take any train of thinking he wants (legal or not) and help people see how dumb they really are. 

Here is an abbreviated review from the Conservative Critic: 

Overall Rating: Exasperating Fun 

Judged first and foremost is pretty funny. Matt Walsh recently starred in the Daily Wire’s hit, Lady Ballers (streaming on DailyWire+) where in the opinion of The Conservative Critic he revealed pretty strong comedic chops well outside of the persona to which Walsh fans have grown accustomed. The role of Judge(y) Matt Walsh is perhaps the one he was born to play. Walsh delivers a truly funny performance that is at once true to his belief structure and style of speech but also surprisingly silly. He makes a lot of physical jokes like slowly spinning around in a chair and writing with a giant feather pen or gaveling at the perfect moment. Much like his performance in Lady Ballers, Walsh proves he has the gift of timing. 

Joining Walsh is his side-kick, a plucky bailiff named Kyler Finney. Finney is hysterical. He does voices, he speaks surprising foreign languages and he always knows right when to jump in. The show’s creator, Sean Hampton, has combined voyeurism (who doesn’t love hearing someone’s interpersonal argument?) and comedy seamlessly and Finney is a major part of the delivery. 


Judged by Matt Walsh is funny, fresh and a perfect addition to the DailyWire+ entertainment suite. While podcasts and political shows can take a streaming service so far, it’s content like this and like Lady Ballers that will bring DailyWire+ to the next level. Matt Walsh is quickly becoming the star of the platform and Judge By Matt Walsh is just one more reason to go sign up for the streaming service today.

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