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Fake News

Mass Shootings: Mass Hysteria by the Manipulative Media




While national news conglomerates and their anchors will attempt to make you believe otherwise, there is no such thing as a mass shooting. Time and time again they will declare a nationwide epidemic of mass shootings. Interestingly though there is no real definition for the term “mass shooting.” It is as meaningless as such fun buzzwords and phrases as Weapons of Mass Destruction or Terrorism, and really any politicized phrase that starts with “mass.” Remember the notorious “Boston Massacre” or the “Kent State Massacre?” Neither left more than 6 rioting hecklers dead. While mass murder and mass killing have both been defined by Congress the lack of any true definition for “mass shooting” enables the Media to utilize it as a trigger word (ahem…) to grab the readers attention, their wallet, and their political sensibilities. The only real epidemic would be the use of the words “mass shooting” but don’t trust me trust google.

Andrew Clements would be proud.

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