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Yahoo News Jumps The Gun in Another Fake News Controversy



Choosing not to waste time on accuracy or facts regarding violence on Ohio State University’s campus, Yahoo News’s Chris Riotta immediately released a Breaking News report detailing Ohio’s relaxed gun laws.

Too bad that the violence witnessed at OSU involved a car smashing into people and a knife attack. Upon realizing the blatant misinformation (#fakenews) in Riotta’s initial Yahoo News report, Yahoo’s Caitlin Dickson Yahoo decided to cover Yahoo’s tracks by writing about Riotta’s report – stating that “early reports of shooter” sparks a deeper look into Ohio’s gun laws, and uses Riotta’s bullet points to dig into Ohio’s gun laws.

Yahoo’s Chris Riotta:

Ohio State Gun laws Are Some Of The Most Relaxed In The Nation

Yahoo’s Caitlin Dickson:

Early reports of shooter at OSU spur look at Ohio gun laws

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