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No Self-Awareness At The New York Times



This week, the New York Times published an article titled “No One Believes Anything”: Voters Worn Out by a Fog of Political News.

In it, they lament that too many Americans have grown tired of fake news and spin, and that the increasing amount of “noise” and completely irrelevant “news” is leading to negative feelings towards the media. They write that “swaths of the American public are numb and disoriented by information saturation — struggling to discern what is real in a sea of slant, fake, and fact.”

And throughout the whole thing…

…not once does the New York Times recognize their own contributing role in America’s growing distrust in the news.

Ironic that one of the biggest perpetrator of irrelevant noise there is considers irrelevant noise THE ISSUE OF OUR TIME – beneath climate change, and the necessary impeachment of President Trump, I assume.

But wait… it gets worse. NYT actually lacks SO MUCH self-awareness that they even go as far as naming someone who can actually be blamed for this so called “fog.”

You guessed it: Donald J Trump.

According to them, President Trump has a documented record of making “false statements” and now voters don’t know what to believe! (How hilarious is that, considering the absolute fake garbage NYT is constantly shilling??)

When it comes to impeachment specifically, they say, Americans are just so tired of it that they’re tuning out completely.

“Paying attention to the impeachment inquiry and other developments means having to figure out what is true, false or spin. Many Americans are throwing up their hands and tuning it all out.”

All this said the very same day that they published countless trash articles accusing the president of crimes that don’t exist.

I must ask the New York Times to reflect on their findings in this article and maybe establish some kind of editorial practice that involves ANY fact-checking, instead of just hitting “post” on any compilation of words that pushes the ORANGE MAN BAD agenda.

The writers at NYT should consider this article an internal memo — hopefully they can find the time to focus depsite all that “noise” in the office.