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5 EPIC Fails From NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg



Former Mayor Of New York, Mike Bloomberg, is the latest Democrat to throw their name into the 2020 presidential primary.

Bloomberg prides himself on his service to the city of New York, but the truth is, his tenure involved a lot of EPIC failures.

Here’s our top 5.

  1. Big Gulp Law
    In attempt to restrict the freedom of New Yorkers to consume sugary drinks, Bloomberg proposed a ban on large sodas in restaurants and other eateries. The law was eventually rejected by NY courts.
  2. Racist Stop and Frisk
    The three-term mayor enacted a “stop and frisk” policy of aggressive policing that allowed and encouraged police officers to detain and search any individual without a warrant, and arrest the person if any kind of illegal substance or weapon was found. Mike denounced the policy shortly before announcing his run for president.
  3. Violated NYC Term Limits
    Bloomberg was elected in 2001 and in 2005, reaching New York City term limits. He sued the city for the right to run again, saying that his financial experience was too invaluable to the city for him to leave office.
  4. In Bermuda when NYC suffered terrible blizzard
    Just over 24 hours after the National Weather Service issued a warning for a blizzard that would cripple New York City, Bloomberg settled in at a beachfront mansion in Bermuda where the temperature was 69 degrees.
  5. Hurricane Sandy
    New York was prepared for a bad storm, but Hurricane Sandy left them more devastated than they thought possible – mostly due to Mayor Bloombergs mishandling of aid. Many New Yorkers suffered looting, months-long power outages, and a cold fall without heat. When residents expressed their anger, Mike told them to “have patience.”

Thanks, mayor.

These top 5 are just the tip of the iceberg – what’s the next big fail for Mayor Bloomberg? Like, besides the failure of his expensive presidential campaign.

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