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Washington Post Reveals The Reason Nancy Pelosi Is Too Afraid To Send Impeachment To The Senate



In what I’m sure the editors thought would be a move to prove the President’s doom in the Senate, the Washington Post put out a whip survey to members of the Senate on their intention to vote for or against impeachment. As of 7:00 am the morning after the House vote – the results seem to not look great for “removal” hopefuls. 

Source: Washington Post

House Democrats have been committed to their will to impeach for months. Certainly, these Senators would have already viewed the hours of debate and heard many times the allegations and the articles against the president. 37 Republicans were able to be certain they’d vote again impeachment. But only 8 democrats are as certain they’d vote in favor? Doesn’t look good for their chances. I’m sure their number will rise as the day thaws – but any fence sitting is a bad sign for an action of this magnitude. 

No wonder Nancy Pelosi is afraid to send the articles over to the Senate. She sees, like we do, that there is a clear path to acquittal and that wouldn’t be great for her evening news circuit. She’d prefer to be able to say “The President is impeached” than all him to be able to say he was acquitted. If we live forever in impeachment limbo than for all intents and purposes she can say the President is impeached for as long as she likes. The rabid left will eat it up like Christmas candy. But we know they’ve already lost. Deep down, so do they. Sad!