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Trump Derangement Syndrome

3 Things You Should Know About the Dems New Impeachment Inquiry



On Tuesday night, Nancy Pelosi finally caved to the radical, socialist wing of her party and announced that she would be formally initiating an impeachment inquiry on President Donald J. Trump. This formal inquiry is, much like the convening of a grand jury, wholly inconsequential in a case with out evidence, but the action dominates the newscycle nonetheless.

Here are the top 3 things we think you should know about this fake news drama.

  • 1) The “whistleblower” never claimed to have first hand knowledge of the so-called inappropriate call reported to the Washington Post. By their own admission, it was heard through the grapevine.

The transcript of that call is now available for ALL to read, thanks to President Donald Trump:

But the Democrats just couldn’t wait for this information before they demanded ANOTHER investigation.


3) This is CNN right now.

To be honest, I cannot confirm whether or not this screenshot is actually real BUT I can confirm that it feels at least as real as any other story on CNN.

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