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The Stocks May Be Falling But The Sky Is Not



Once again the liberal media will do whatever it takes to take down the American economy in order to discredit President Trump. Headlines this week have been on the cartoonish side of alarmist, using numbers with no context in order to frighten consumers out of the marketplace. CNBC reported on Tuesday “Dow drops 300 points, extending Monday’s rout as bond yields dive” and on Monday MarketWatch reported the Dow had dropped “its third worst point drop in history.” Of course, both articles would go on to very briefly mention that these drops are relatively meaningless in the context of the record high the Dow has been performing at under the Trump Administration. A 1,000 point drop has brought in today’s market is still at an all time high. In fact, the drop only amounted to about 2% under the year’s performance and is nowhere close to the percentage drop associated with the ushering of a crash or recession. 

The left has constantly tried to undermine the Trump economy. This time it’s with the outbreak of a not-so-deadly virus (Look out for more on that later). But if not that they try to say that actually Trump’s economy is not as good as Obama’s economy (a laughable claim for anyone over 10 years old who lived through the Obama economy). Fortune put out the following graphic claiming that Obama’s record highs out-match those of President Trump’s and therefore the markets were better under his leadership. 

Hilariously – Fortune has given the 23 records hit in 2016 which we all know happened after President Trump was elected and confidence was restored to the markets. In fact- the rally post-election was so significant the liberal media claimed at the time it was a bubble about to burst. But now since that did not come to fruition, they have changed their tune that instead no it was Obama who is responsible for those gains. You’ll see that once you credit President Trump for what he caused, his total is 141 records compared to Obama’s 94 (and coming off the biggest low in history) and we aren’t even finished with 2020. 

So everyone please take a deep breath and this opportunity to buy low.

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