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Corona Virus Is Not Going To Kill You



(Photo by Hello I’m Nik ???? on Unsplash)

There is nothing the liberal media and disease control agencies like better than an “outbreak.” Public panic means increased dollars for federal disease control funding, plain and simple. Sometimes this kind of funding is warranted because a disease truly is highly deadly and a global concern. For example, though Ebola never threatened the United States (despite cries that it would), Ebola is a devastating and horrifying illness which kills patients quickly and violently. But on the flip side of that – Zika virus turned out to be a puzzle that was largely nothing. The outbreak was limited to a few regions and resulted in very little death and actually in comparison to the level of concern – very little microcephaly in babies born from pregnant mothers with Zika (the incidents of microcephaly were very much limited to the outbreak location in Brazil). Even with 35,000+ cases of Zika reported in Puerto Rico in 2016, there were only 16 children born with microcephaly by 2017. Outside of the microcephaly epidemic fairly limited to Brazil, Zika in-and-of-itself is not and was never deadly. And yet, that did not stop the CDC from shaking down tax payers to the tune of $1 billion dollars after they refused to use leftover monies from the Ebola outbreak which were no longer in need of use.

So where does Coronavirus fall between Ebola and Zika? The symptoms of Coronavirus are fever, cough and shortness of breath. Sounds a lot like the symptoms of the common flu. In fact, it is likely that you could have Coronavirus and never know you had it. Like all illnesses including the common flu, those at risk are the vulnerable including those with weakened immune systems, babies and the eldery. It can be deadly and has taken about 2,700 lives globally, but that is significantly lower than even the common cold which takes 56,000 lives every year. 

[Ahn Young-joon/The Associated Press]

So instead of asking yourself if you have enough supplies in your bunker – ask yourself, why are governments deciding to quarantine entire populations when the death toll is low? To me the greatest risk we face with Coronavirus is the risk of governments capitalizing on fear in order to oppress their populations. South Korea is usually a friend to liberty and the United States, but I have a very hard time understanding why their entire country should be shut down over 11 deaths. 

It is time for the United States to stop allowing fear mongering health organizations to shake down taxpayers and imprison citizens with no cause. President Trump has done his job as a defender of liberty and leader of the US by reiterating that the disease is under control and that we have no need to panic and that the situation is “under control.” We should all be supporting him in his calm.