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FBI Bureaucrat Spills All



One half of the FBI love birds duo who attempted to prevent the election of Donald Trump in 2016, Lisa Page, sat down with Rachel Maddow last night to discuss her role in obstructing democracy in America…

Just kidding. They just talked about her feelings.

Through out her time with Maddow, Lisa stressed how she felt *hurt* by Donald Trump’s comments and not once did she take responsibility for her potentially illegal actions. The most revealing moment, however, was this one where she reveals she calls the FBI and the DOJ “my institution, my Justice Department.”

That’s the problem with Lisa Page… she could never handle that it wasn’t HER FBI or her DOJ. It’s OURS. This entitled sentiment of bureaucrats like Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and who knows how many others, is exactly what lead to their ego-driven contempt for Donald Trump and the American people.

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