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Michelle Williams Uses Acceptance Speech To Make Anti-Woman Political Statement



REUTERS/Mike Blake

Despite a very clear warning from host Ricky Gervais, celebrities were unable to resist using their time for acceptance speeches to make unnecessary political statements.

One award winner, Michelle Williams, took her moment to make a bold – but largely incoherent – point about abortion rights.

“I’m grateful for the acknowledgement of the choices I’ve made, and I’m also grateful to have lived in a moment in our society where choice exists, because as women and as girls, things can happen to our bodies that are not our choice,” she said in her short speech.

She then went on to imply her own abortion saying her achievements in life would not have been possible “without employing a woman’s right to choose,” a sad admission that Williams truly believes the blesssing of motherhood would prevent the success of otherwise perfectly successful women.

What kind of feminist statement is that?!

Rather than telling women they can accomplish ANYTHING, that we can build our dreams, that we can achieve whatever we set our minds to – including raising children and kicking ass at the same time – Williams believes that the only way to be successful and empowered is to dehumanize and abort your unborn baby.

Truly disturbing.

She also encouraged women to vote only for politicians who represent “your interests,” meaning of course, abortion rights.

I cannot think of a better way to dismiss this truly unreasonable way of thinking than to borrow the words from a text I received from my mother while Hillary Clinton was running for President.

“What on earth are women not able to do… rightfully … in our country??


We have been empowered by God…

No man could hold us back. Even if he wanted to.”

There is not just one way to becoming a successful woman.

We are more than abortion rights.

And if you don’t believe that, you must be anti-woman.

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