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Watch These Jeopardy Contestants Deliver Fatal Blow To Adam Schiff’s Fragile Ego



The latest episode of “Jeopardy” that aired on Wednesday night featured favorite Trump foe, Adam Schiff of California.

The category was U.S. Representatives and the question included a photo of Schiff and the prompt: “One-fifty-third of California’s House delegation is this House Intelligence Committee chairman.”

Not one contestant was able to name Representative Schiff.

Now, I know what Adam Schiff is thinking to comfort himself right now.

Was this episode filmed A LONG time ago? Before the impeachment hearings? Before the lies and political drama of impeachment allowed Schiff to rise from an unrecognizable nobody to a still-unrecognizable pain in the ass?

The answer? Nope.

According to The Hill, “Jeopardy!” typically films its episodes approximately three months in advance. That places the timeline of Wednesday night’s episode around October, when the House was still holding closed-door briefings and the impeachment inquiry was just gaining steam.”

^This is also, if you remember, the time that Adam Schiff was most heavily featured on adoring Sunday morning talk shows and basically filled the gaps between every commercial on CNN and MSNBC.

I guess the American people just REALLY don’t care about impeachment, or the drama club wannabe Adam Schiff.


Poor Shifty Schiff!

No word on how he’s coping with this latest blow to his surely fragile ego.