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Trump Acquittal Inevitable: Democrats try to cope



By Jennifer Zilla

(Washington Times)

As Sen. Lamar Alexander has officially confirmed he will vote against additional witnesses in the (fake) trial of President Trump, it’s clear that the President will be acquitted of all the (fake) articles of impeachment that the House Democrats have brought against him. Though the rest of us all knew this was the inevitable conclusion of this ridiculous mess; apparently the left held out true hope that they would be able to carry on their insufferable prattling with even more elitist Ivy League law professors as witnesses to (fake) crimes of which they would not have any actual material knowledge. 

Speaker Pelosi explaining the legal theory of “that” stuff (LA Times) 

The great legal minds that brought us “obstruction of Congress” have now decided that the Senate can’t acquit anyone if they don’t hold a trial, and it’s not a real trial if there are no witnesses and documentation of said witnesses and, according to Nancy Pelosi, “all of that.” Ah yes, the “all of that” rule. I think that’s in Article 8 section 12 of the Constitution. (It’s not)

Of course, like the rest of this completely fake impeachment proceeding, the democrats are making up the rule completely and of course the President can and will be acquitted with no further witnesses. The left is merely setting themselves up to delegitimize his acquittal in their own minds because it is their go to coping mechanism (like when they pretended he’s not really the president because of a Russian conspiracy which not only did not materialize but turned out to actually be a deep state conspiracy trying to do the opposite of electing Donald Trump). 

Majority Leader “Cocaine” Mitch McConnell and Sen. “Tweedle Dumb” Schumer (NY Daily News) 

The lesser of the two demorat demigogs (the tweedle dumb to Nancy’s tweedle dee) Sen. Chuck Schumer echoed Nancy’s call for “all of that” in a statement saying A trial “without the evidence, without witnesses and documents would render the president’s acquittal meaningless.” Interesting that he didn’t go so far as to say that a trial “without the evidence, witnesses and documents” in itself would be meaningless. Just that the acquittal would be made so. He couldn’t say the entire trial without evidence or material witnesses would be meaningless because that would (correctly) implicate the House trial as a total and complete farce. 

So for once I agree with the democrats and the liberal media. President Trump’s acquittal is fake. Because the legal charge written in his impeachment articles was fake. The evidence (or total lack) presented in the House was fake. The witnesses were fake. The entire impeachment is fake. So when the Senate votes to acquit President Trump there will be no difference that day than there is today and there was before October of 2019. Donald Trump is the rightful President of the United States and he’s doing a phenomenal job.

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