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Here’s The Thing About Don Lemon’s Dumb Video



By now, everyone has seen the video of Don Lemon and his idiotic guests mocking President Trump and all of his supporters.

In case you haven’t, here it is:

This insulting, giggly mess reveals A LOT about how the left feels about most of America.

Somehow, we’re all big idiots who can’t read anything – especially not maps! And we all have southern accents! (A particularly funny dig considering the previous insinuation about maps.)

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a southern accent. In fact, I frequently find myself faking one after a couple of glasses of champagne or a few too many summer country concerts and I DO NOT APOLOGIZE.


It seems concerning to me that “top strategists” on a (albeit failing) cable news network

  1. believe a regional accent is any indication of intelligence, or lack there of, when it definitely is not.
  2. have no idea which accents they should be mocking if they want to mock Trump voters.

Let us all remember that the voters who really propelled Trump to victory are from Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, where their way of speaking much more closely resembles Eminem in 8 mile than it does anyone from Deliverance.

But maybe that accent just isn’t as easily mimicked after too much hotboxing in the greenroom? ????

In a half-hearted – and fine, I’ll just say it, half-assed – apology, Don Lemon attempted to explain his uncontrollable giggle fit by insisting he WAS NOT laughing at the prejudiced comments of his guests, but at the initial joke suggesting the duly-elected president of the United States is too stupid to locate Ukraine on a map, even with the assistance of rudimentary pictures.

Is that better???

I hardly think so, but to be honest, there was no apology I would accept from the dumbest man on television, anyway.

I will be continuing my lifelong boycott of his ridiculous show until November 3, 2020 when I tune in for the sole purpose of seeing Don Lemon cry on tv. Again.