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All the things Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like: SOTU edition



There are few things that excites Nancy Pelosi other than abortions and Chanel number 5 (probably). But at this year’s feel-good State of the Union brought to us by still-your-President Trump, she revealed her distaste for a few pretty surprising things: 

1. Low unemployment for women and minorities 

Nancy maybe regrets joining the workforce?

2. Putting America First

Nancy thinks America is more comfortable maybe somewhere in 3rd. Less pressure. 

3. Fourth Grade Girls 

Nancy was unmoved by Jania and her mom’s matching blush jackets. Everyone knows we’re doing jewel tones this season. 

4. Technical Trainings

See the source image

To Nancy, learning a skill is completely irrelevant to finding a job. Have no skills? Go to Congress! It’s really THAT simple!

5. Funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities 

Everyone else seemed to like funding HBCUs on her side – but NANCY NO LIKE.

6. Transparent pricing in the healthcare system 

Nancy doesn’t like prices on her healthcare, her hand bags or her lobster raviolis. 

7. New life saving drugs and generics coming to the market 

Nancy knows there’s nothing whiskey and a few leeches can’t heal.

8. Rush Limbaugh – a man with stage four cancer

Okay maybe this one isn’t very surprising considering his career of holding her accountable for her nonsense most recently her ridiculous impeachment attempt, but you’d think she could show some class for a dying man.

9. Paid Family Leave

Nancy doesn’t understand why anyone would want to stay home for their sick family member. Isn’t that what maids are for?

10. Nancy actually did like trees – but these two were not having it

These rank and file democrat women are over arbor day. “Who needs trees” – They ask. Trees are the worst!

11. Victims of violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants in her home state

The camera cut away so I can’t verify if she did or did not clap for Jodi whose brother was violently murdered by an illegal immigrant with a criminal record who was set free because of California’s sanctuary state rules – but she was totally unmoved during his brothers story so I think its a safe assumption. Nancy is a thumbs down on victims. BORING!

12. Merit

Nancy is pretty sure that immigrants aren’t capable of earning status so – she’d rather just leave it be.

13. The Second Amendment

The only person Nancy wants with bare arms is Michelle Obama.

14. Mars

Nancy is not impressed with going to Mars. All that red dirt is so “Last Jedi” its not her aesthetic. 

15. PAPER!

Nancy really does not like her paper copy of the speech. She asked for a USB but you just cannot find a good floor clerk these days. NANCY IS NOT PLEASED!