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Mitt Romney Has A New Title



Mitt Romney has OFFICIALLY secured his place as the most disappointing Republican U.S. Senator.

(This is a role previously held by sell-out CNN hopeful, Jeff Flake.)

Mitt voted alongside the Senate Democrats to convict President Trump and remove him from office following a Democrat witch hunt that produced NO EVIDENCE OF CRIME.

He explained in his floor speech that he had to vote his conscionce and “with God.”

And just like that, in the eyes of liberals Romney turned from a racist, sexist, misogynist who hates dogs and puts women in binders, into a true American hero.

The media cannot help themselves – it’s adoring headline after adoring headline (all from sources who previously trashed him as a presidential candidate, by the way).

Even Senator Elizabeth Warren jumped in to cheer Romney on!

But Republicans are angry… And we will remember.