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Fake News

President Trump Slams Fake News, Mainstream Media Goes Wild



President Trump has had it with the mainstream media rewriting history to say that he didn’t respond to the Coronavirus in a prompt manner. 

And on Monday, he showed them all.

As an introduction to his usual daily briefing on COVID-19, the president aired a short video reel of liberal news clips reporting on the virus and his response to the virus, proving the timeliness of his action — at their expense!

Many of the clips revealed that anchors previously reported that Trump’s actions were too bold at the time. 

In response, the media threw a huge tantrum.

CNN chyrons read “Angry Trump Turns Briefing Into Propaganda Session.” 

Mainstream reporters cried about it on Twitter. 

All night.

But conservatives LOVED it. 

Crushing the fake news reminded every Trump supporter that even in times of crisis, the President is still making America great.