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Kim Yo Jong is Why Blanket Feminism is Flawed



Kim Yo Jung, likely future dictator of North Korea

You’ve all probably read that Kim Jung Un is probably dead. At the very least – he’s gravely ill. Americans do not shed any tears for the loss of a man we hardly knew but we knew mainly to be a tyrant who committed heinous crimes against humanity including recently to one of our own, the young all American, Otto Warmbier. Jung Un operated a network of work camps for political dissidents, murdered his own family members and created a system where it was not uncommon for brother to turn-in brother to the heinous government. There is no loss to the world for his being dead of whatever causes may have befell him. 

However, the phrase “the devil you know” comes to mind when it turns out the likely successor to Jung Un will be his ferocious sister, Kim Yo Jong. Kim Yo Jong has all the ice of her brother with none of the humor of his obesity and weird haircuts. Yo Jong is the mastermind behind North Korean censorship policies and propaganda. You may remember her from the chilling stunt at the 2018 Winter Olympics where the leftist media applauded her for her special dance with North Korean “cheerleaders.” 

North Korean prisoners called “cheerleaders” likely afraid for their lives if they stop smiling 

Kim Yo Jung is the perfect example of how “feminism” by the left and media’s standard is dangerous and offensive to women. The left media all believe and have repeatedly said that by being a woman, a candidate or a political figure or a giver of testimony of any kind is inerehently correct and to be feminist one must support them (unless they are themselves by nature of being conservatives anti-feminist women). This belief that it is anti-feminist to not support every and all women fails to concieve a world where women are actual equals to men and are capable of things that men are capable of such as lying, bad policies, war mongering and in the case of Kim Yo Jong – violent faciscm. 

When Hillary Clinton ran for President, it didn’t matter that she had stolen the primary election from Bernie Sanders or that we had evidence that she did so. It didn’t matter that the DNC staffer who provided that evidence mysteriously died. It didn’t matter that under her authority – American forces never were called to Benghazi when the American embassy was under attack for thirteen hours. It didn’t matter that she was pro-war and anti-commerce. She was a woman – so any man running against her was a sexist. And any vote against her was sexist. 

An era of Kim Yo Jong is likely to usher in an era of similar violence to her brother but perhaps even stronger penalties for speaking out against her regime. Women in leadership for the sake of women in leadership does not achieve positive results. Just like men in leadership for the sake of men in leadership does not achieve positive results. The right women should be moved into leadership – and there are plenty of those to fill up at least 50% of lawmaking positions. We don’t need fillers like Clinton, Ilhan Omar, or Kim Yo Jung.