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McEnany Trashes Handling of Flynn Investigation: Says FBI attempted to ‘manufacture’ a crime



“The FBI exists to investigate crimes, but in the case of Michael Flynn, it appears that they might have existed to manufacture one,” said White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Friday. McEany’s comments come in response to the Justice Department’s decision to formally drop their case against Flynn on Thursday. 

“As a motion filed by the Department of Justice yesterday explained, the FBI set out to interview Michael Flynn when they had no predicate for any investigation of any crime,” said McEnany.

McEnany went on to further criticize the Bureau after it was revealed by recently unsealed Justice Department documents that FBI agents discussed various options to trap Flynn in a lie before his now infamous January 2017 interview. 

“Over the past week, we learned, from a handwritten note,  the true intent behind the FBI’s investigation of Michael Flynn. The very day that then-FBI Director Jim Comey sent agents to the White House to interview Flynn, the FBI discussed what their intent was beforehand. This is what they said. ‘What is our goal? Truth admission, or to get him to lie so we can prosecute him or get him fired? These notes, in addition to other evidence, raised serious questions about the handling of Michael Flynn’s case,” said McEnany. 

Further commenting on the FBI’s mismanagement of the case, McEnany referenced text messages from the former head of FBI counter-intelligence Peter Strzok. Classified documents released in April reveal that Strzok texted an unidentifiable individual “Hey, don’t close RAZOR,” the same day FBI moved to close the Flynn investigation.

It’s worth noting that McEnany praised the rank-and-file men and women at the FBI as ‘heroes’ and thanked them for their service. “They protect this country from domestic crime, and we thank them for their service,” said McEnany.